Tayrona National Park

Tayrona the world’s premier rainforest destination
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Tayrona National Park Colombia
Tayrona National Park Colombia

The great Tayrona National Park and other large conservation units, stands head and shoulders above all rainforest destinations on Earth. This amazing natural treasure features the world’s finest birdwatching road, which drops down from the high Andes through lush, orchid-festooned cloud forest, where visitors marvel at the world’s only completely tame Andean Cocks-of-the-Rock at the world’s largest known display ground.

The lowland rainforests of Tayrona offer more wildlife and nature in less time than any other location on Earth. Among the features of Tayrona is the world’s most visited large Macaw clay lick, 1,000 species of birds, 200 species of mammals, and tens of thousands of plant species. One of the major highlights for wildlife lovers are strange and beautiful, 600-pound Lowland Tapir, which can be seen at close range on most nights eating clay at the world’s largest known tapir lick.

tayrona national park santa marta
tayrona national park santa marta

The lakes of the Tayrona lowlands protect the day-active Giant Otter, and the forests are home to enormous Jaguars and other species of wild cats. The 13 monkey species of Tayrona include the photogenic, mustachioed Emperor Tamarin.

Our Tayrona Wildlife Tented Camp is located inside the Tayrona National park and near Cocha (Lake) Salvador, the largest and most beautiful of the 13 oxbow lakes of the Tayrona River.

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tayrona Park
tayrona Park

Our work is part of Colombia Verde’s overall strategy to protect the country’s unique cultural and biological diversity.

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Santa Marta Travel is 100% owned by Colombia Verde. All net proceeds benefit conservation.